Oborith Lands

Recruit Day

the start of a new beginning

On the annual day of recruit, our heroes get a little surprise wake up by an illusion testing them out for their first trial. (name holder) greets them and present himself. The group is then explain how the week works and are task to group up a the center of the town at noon.

They end up together during the “random” draw and are task with a special mission from the King himself. Guard the Orb of Everything, a special orb responsible for the creation of all this kingdom. He then invites them to a bar not far from the castle.

After a couple of drinks, the orb get stolen by a lady stalking the group all day long. The chase then begins through the street. They end up in the sewer where a group of (monster name holder) summoning a beast. After a tight fight, they slay the beast and save the lady with the orb from that beast. She invites them to her hideout where they meet her sick sisters.

The group helps the sisters to heal up in exchange for the orb. They, then, make their way back to the King where they tell him about that group of monsters in the sewers. The king reward the players an thank them for the good work.

As for the orb, he admits that it was a fake and present the real one. They made their proof and the group is now ready to hold and protect the real one. The king task the npc to help serve the kingdom by using the power of this orb to help the habitants of this land.


Cilicou Cilicou

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