Where two congregation fight for the same for world.


This world is built with the players, so yes you can add to this wiki ! Please contact Cilicou via Curse or this site for modification to existing stuff. For new stuff quick rules will apply:

  • Keep it clean. Follow the template for titles, subtitles and general text
  • Keep it civilized. No cursing, no out of subject, inside joke or other stuff that wouldn’t be appropriate.
  • Give credit. PLEASE give credit if you take stuff or get help from other people.
  • NO GRIEFING. No random stuff on other people stuff, no messing around original post without approval.

I reserve any rights to shutdown any post or ban any account from this portal if any of those rules gets broken or for any other reason that might be justified.

If for any reason your post gets taken down, You’ll receive a message explaining why with a copy of the original post so it can be modified and reposted.

Lastly here’s some usefull link for getting you started with making post, character, etc.
- Race Template
- Spell List
- OrcPub

Oborith Lands

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